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Bill Rust  |  Director  bill@alchemedia3d.com   
Mr. Rust’s carreer in 3D productions started in 1998 during his tenure in a leading international architectural firm. Since then, he has developed animations, renderings, and simulations as well as spearhead a variety of interactive products for the Real Estate Development and AEC industries. Throughout his career, Mr. Rust has worked on a wide range of project types that include retail, large scale community, commercial, mixed use, hospitality, institutional, single family and multifamily residential.


Bill graduated in 2000 from the University of Texas at Austin with a bachelor’s degree in architecture. His formal architectural education bridges the communication gap between designers and the 3D development team.


In his philosophy, Mr. Rust integrates his attention to detail and quality with a sensibility and eagerness to the clients’ needs. With this approach, every project communicates it’s message appropriately without sacrificing quality.